Hello Aspirants,Hope you preparations are going well and good,In this page we have provided materials for TNPSC UNIT 5:Indian Polity.In the below article you will get to know about the introduction about the topic,Total marks from this topic,topics to be completed,where to study the topics(syllabus),Samacheer school books 6th to 12th compilation pdf,Tamil Nadu government study materials,previous year question papers,Box & Do you know materials and everything you need to know while studying for the TNPSC exams for the topic Indian Polity.

Indian polity is an very important topic that every competitive exam aspirant should be aware of because only in this topic only you will be learning the political related setup of india and how indian gernment is running based on the constitution of india.

This topic is not only asked in TNPSC exams also many competitive exams like UPSC,SSC,etc., questions will be asked from this topic so if you are thorough in this topic you can answer all the questions from the topic polity in any competitive exams.But in this article we will be discussing only from TNPSC point of view.

Total Marks on Indian Polity:

As per the recent model question paper released from TNPSC 19 questions were asked from the topic polity.Apart from UNIT 8 and 9 this is the unit that contains maximum marks in the preliminary examinations.So focus more on this topic.

Total Marks=”19″.

UNIT 5:Indian Polity Topics to be completed:

As per the recent syllabus released by the TNPSC the topics you need to be studied are,

(i) Constitution of India – Preamble to the Constitution – Salient features of the Constitution – Union, State and Union Territory.

(ii) Citizenship, Fundamental rights, Fundamental duties, Directive Principles of State Policy.

(iii) Union Executive, Union legislature – State Executive, State Legislature – Local governments, Panchayat Raj.

(iv) Spirit of Federalism: Centre – State Relationships.

(v) Election – Judiciary in India – Rule of law.

(vi) Corruption in public life – Anti-corruption measures – Lokpal and LokAyukta – Right to Information – Empowerment of women – Consumer protection forums, Human rights charter.

The above listed are the topics that you need to study on the topic polity also you may have a doubt on where to study these topics.don’t worry we have provided all the materials that you need to study while preparing for TNPSC examinations.Generally while preparing for TNPSC examinations many people advises us to study only tne samacheer SCERT books but if you study only the samacheer kalvi books you may not get good marks so along with samacheer kalvi books study other books that we suggest below to get higher rank in the examinations.

UNIT 6:Indian Polity Where to study:

while preparing for TNPSC it is very important to study the samacheer books because most of the questions will be asked from the samacheer kalvi books but you don’t need to study all the lessons starting from 6th to 12th because in some lessons there will be concepts that don’t cover the syllabus.So we can omit the lessons.Here we have listed the lessons starting from 6th standard to 12th standard if you study only these lessons it will be enough.Because it will cover all the topics that was given in the syllabus.

6th2Civics-2 Civics-1,2
9thFull book:2,3,4,5
11th Volume-I:2,3,4,5,6,7
12th Volume-I:2,3,4,5,6,7
12th commerce16,17,18.
TNPSC UNIT 3 Geography of India where to study.

Apart from the chapters listed above you need to study another one book it’s name is Indian Polity written by M.Lakshmikanth Published by Tata Mcgraw-Hill Education India.This book is available in amazon buy this book and keep this to clearly understand about Indian polity.Also this book will help you alot while preparing for Mains Examination.

UNIT-5:Indian Polity school books 6th to 12th compilation:

As we all know that studying school books is very important while preparing for TNPSC examination because 180 questions will be asked out of 200 only from samacheer school books so if you are thorough with the school books you can easily score that 180 marks.Now for the benefit of aspirants we have compiled all the lessons that you need to study for the topic Indian Polity into one pdf if you study only these lessons definitely you will cover all the topics given in the syllabus.

Click here to download samacheer 6th to 12th school books compilation PDF(Tamil version).

Click here to download samacheer 6th to 12th school books compilation PDF(English version).

UNIT-5:Indian Polity Tamil Nadu Government study materials:

The Department of Employment and Training is taking many steps to help the poor peoples to study for TNPSC exams on thaat basis they are releasing many useful materials for the sake of the aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams from home also they are coducting many free online classes.Now we have listed some materials that was released by tamil nadu government to prepare for the topic Indian polity you can download and make use of the materials.

Click here to download Indian constitution notes PDF(Tamil Version).

Click here to download Indian Polity full notes PDF(Tamil Version).

Click here to download Indian Polity full notes PDF(English Version).

Apart from the study materials the department of employment also released another reviosion material.The advantage of the revision material is they helps us alot to remember the concepts easily also revision materials will be very helpful for us for rvising before the examinations because only key points will be given in the revision material.

Click here to download the Indian Polity revision material.

UNIT -5 Indian Polity Previous year question papers:

When preparing for TNPSC examinatios it is very important to study the previous year questions because there are many repeated questions are coming on the tnpsc exams many concepts are being asked repeatedly in tnpsc exams so we have listed all the previous year questions in a single pdf so like we have compiled all the questions that was asked from the topic polity into a single pdf and uploaded it into a single pdf so make use of all the materials for your educational purposes.

Click here to download Previous year questions compilation on Indian Polity (Both Tamil and English Version).

Unit-5 Indian Polity Box Materials:

While preparing for TNPSC it is very important to study the boxes that is given inbetween the lessons because boxes have important concepts of the lessons so if you study the boxes you can definitely get to know about the important concepts.Also when studying for polity we should be thorough with all the boxes because from the topic polity many important articles was given in boxes only.so we have compiled all the boxes that is present from standard 6 to standard 12 which lesson is very important for the examination so kindly make use of the materials provided below.

Click here to download indian polity box materials.

after downloading the file you will be asked for password to open the pdf give password as “sasiunacademy” then only the file will be opened.


As we already said Indian polity is an very important topic because only this unit will teach you about the laws and workings of indian government so study the article numbers carefully make use of all the materials that we have given here if you are new to this unit means study the lakshmikanth book first and then study the samacheer kalvi books then only it will be easy for you to understand the concepts.So study well make use of all the materials TNPSC is going to release notifications for many exams very soon so kindly be prepared for the examinations also share this materials with your friends if you have any doubts means you can ask us in comment section.All the very best for your preparations.

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