Hello aspirants,welcome to tnpscmaterials.com in this page we have given an introduction about Indian economy,Total marks you will be getting from indian economy,Topics to be completed for studying TNPSC,where to study the TNPSC syllabus,school books compilation from 6th to 12th standard,tamilnadu government study materials,previous year question papers,box and do you know compilation pdf and other important books you need to study while preparing for TNPSC examinations.

Indian economy is a topic where you will be studying about economical conditions of Indian government starting from before independence to the current financial coditions.This chapter will be very interesting to study because you don’t need to memorise anything you just need to understand the Indian government’s financial coditions and how government is dealing with the finances.

Total Marks in TNPSC Examination:

As per the recent revised syllabus from TNPSC you will be getting 16 questions from the topic Indian Economy.This marks is only for preliminary examination for main examination you will not be getting questions from this unit.

Total Marks=”16″.

Unit-6:Indian Economics topics to be completed:

The topics to be completed in UNIT-6 are listed below,

(i) Nature of Indian economy – Five year plan models – an assessment – Planning Commission and Niti Ayog.

(ii) Sources of revenue – Reserve Bank of India – Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy – Finance Commission – Resource sharing between Union and State Governments – Goods and Services Tax.

(iii) Structure of Indian Economy and Employment Generation, Land reforms and Agriculture – Application of Science and Technology in agriculture Industrial growth – Rural welfare oriented programmes – Social problems – Population, education, health, employment, poverty.

The above listed are the topic that you need to study while preparing for the unit Indian Economy.To complete this topics you need to study the samacheer books if you are preparing only for TNPSC Group 2a and Group 4 but if you are preparing for any hgher level exams like Group 1,group2,UPSC,RRB,etc., you need to study the NCERT books.But in this page we have listed books only on TNPSC perspective if you study the books that we have given here you can surely clear any TNPSC examination.

UNIT-6:Indian Economy Where to study:

While preparing for TNPSCExaminations you don’t need to study all the lessons from economics book.If you are a beginner and not sure about where to study the listed topic means you can refer to the table below.If you study those lessons definitely you will be able to cover all the topics of the syllabus.

UNIT 4-History and Culture of India Where to Study

apart from samacheer kalvi books you need to study some other books to understand more about the concepts.We suggest you to buy Indian Economy Book by Ramesh singh and published by Tama McGraw hill education India publishers this books has clear and simplified economic concepts that is easy to understand and retain.

UNIT-6:Samacheer books 6th to 12th all in one compilation PDF:

Many aspirants who are currently preparing for any tnpsc exams are struggling alot to get the samacheer schol books.So for the sake of students we have compiled all the lessons that is covering the syllabus starting from standard 6 to standard 12.If you study only these lessons definitely you will be able to cover all the syllabus.Also we have provided both tamil and english version pdf for the benefit of the aspirants.

Click here to download Indian Economy compilation PDF.

UNIT-6 INDIAN Economics Tamil Nadu Government study materials:

The department of employment and training is releasing many useful materials for the sake of aspirants who are preparing for TNPSC exams .Also they are releasing unit wise materials.The main advantage fof this materials is all the questions in the examination will be asked only from the materials released by the tamil nadu government because all the topics will be covered in this material.

Click here to download economics full study materials(Tamil Medium).

Click here to download economics full study materials(English Medium).

Click here to download features of Indian Economy PDF.

Click here ro download Indian Economy full Materials(Tamil Version).

Click here to download basics of Economics(English Version).

Indian Economics Previous Year Question Papers:

In every TNPSC exams there are questions that are being asked repeatedly in all the group exams so studying previous year question paper is a very inportant part while preparing for TNPSC exams also if you just want to pass the examination means it is enough to study only the samacheer books but if you want to become top scorer in TNPSC exams means you need o be thorough with all the given matrerials and tha books that we suggested above if you want your desired job means you need to work hard and get a good score in the examination.

Click here to download previous year question paper PDF(Tamil Version).

Click here to download previous year question paper PDF(English Version).

UNIT-6:Indian Economics Box Materials:

While preparing for TNPSC examination it is very important to study the boxes.Boxes are important concepts that will be present in between the lessons of samacheer kalvi books because booxes contains important concepts of the lessons particularly when studying indian economy many of the important articles were given in the boxes only so be thorough with all the box present in the books.In the following pdf we have compiled all the boxes that comes in the economics books from standard 6 to standard 12 into a single pdf download the materials and make use of it.

Click here to download indian Economics box materials.


As we have mentioned above the Indian Economy is an very important unit where we will learn about all the economical process of our indian government also it is a very easy unit becaues you need to memorise only the article number otherwise you can study everything as story.Also you will be getting “16” questions from this topic in the preliminary examinations.So keep that in mind and make use of all the materials.Share the materials with your friends.If you need any materials means you can ask us in comments section we will upload it.All the very best for your preparations.

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