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Indian National Movement is coming as UNIT 7 in the revised syllabus released by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission.most of the topics from this unit will be covered in unit 4 history and culture of india because in this unit you will be studying about the leaders who struggled for independence and how the independence war started.so if you are thorough with unit 4 you have already covered 70% of the syllabus remaining 30%of the syllabus only you will be studying new in this unit.We have provided all the materials and guidance below.

this article we have provided an Introduction about the topic Indian National Movement,Total marks that you will get from this topic,Topics to be completed,where to study the listed topic,School books compilation PDF,Tamil nadu Government study materials,previous year question papers,Box and do you know materials and other important books that you need to study while preparing for TNPSC exams.

Total marks from Indian National Movement:

As per the recent revised syllabus from TNPSC the total marks you will be getting from from this unit is,

Total Marks=”14″.

UNIT-7:Indian National Movement Topics to be completed:

The topics to be completed in UNIT-7 are given below these topics are given as per the recent revised syllabus,

(i) National renaissance – Early uprising against British rule – Indian
National Congress – Emergence of leaders – B.R.Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh, Bharathiar, V.O.Chidambaranar, Jawaharlal Nehru, Kamarajar, Mahatma Gandhi, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Thanthai
Periyar, Rajaji, Subash Chandra Bose and others.
(ii) Different modes of Agitation: Growth of Satyagraha and Militant
(iii) Communalism and partition.

The above listed are the syllabus for UNIT-7:Indian National Movement(INM).If you are preparing for TNPSC examinations it is enough to study only the samacheer kalvi books but if you are aiming to clear Group 1 exam means we suggest you to study the books written particularly for Indian National Movement.Don’t worry we will suggest the best books below.

Also you don’t need to study all the lessons on the history book starting from 6th standard to 12th standard we will tell the lessons that covers the syllabus if you study only thos lessons you can definitely cover 100% of the syllabus.

UNIT-7:Indian National Movement where to study:

If you are a beginner for TNPSC preparation and don’t know how to prepare for different units means don’t worry we will guide you on how to prepare and complete the syllabus.Now focusing only on Indian National Movement we will list the numbers of lessons that is coming in the syllabus only if you complete study those lesson you can cover all the syllabus.

UNIT-7:Indian National Movement where to study.

Apart from the lessons listed above you need to keep another one book with you to become an expert in history we will list the books name below you can buy the book online and keep it with you for your studies

Name of the BookAuthor NamePublications
India’s struggle for IndependenceBipin chandraPenguin Random House India

UNIT-7:Indian National Movement 6th to 12th samacheer books compilation:

If you are praparing fot TNPSC exams then it will be enough to study only the samacheer books particularly the lessons that we listed above but however we suggest you to study the bipin chandra books also then only you will be thorough with all the topics.Now in the PDF listed below we have compiled the lessons that you need to study while studying for Indian National Movement.

Click here to download INM samacheer books compilation(Tamil version).

Click here to download INM samacheer books compilation(English version).

UNIT-7:Indian National Movement Tamil Nadu Government Study Materials:

The department of Employment and training of Tamil Nadu Government is taking many steps to help poor peoples who are preparing for competitive exams in home like they are taking free class on youtube and they are relesing many usefulmaterials likewise they also released notes for the unit 7 also the advantage of this pdf is only the important points will be given in this pdf so if you study this pdf you will not miss any important concepts.

Click here to download Tamil Nadu Government study materials.

UNIT-7:Indian National Movement Previous Year question paper:

While Preparing for TNPSC it is very important to study the previous year question paper because only if you study the previous year question paper you will understand the question pattern and then if you are practising the previous year question means you will get experience and understanding of the exam pattern.Also the main advantage of this PDF is we have compiled the previous year questions that were asked from the topic Indian National Movement because if there was questions from anther units means you will be confused and you can’t focus on the particular topic that you are studying so this pdf will be very useful for you while preparing.

click here to download Indian National Movement previous year questions part-1.

click here to download Indian National Movement previous year questions part 2.


As we mentioned above if you completed unit 4 means you have already completed 70% of the syllabus from this unit.In this unit you will be getting questions about the leaders who struggled to get inependence and about the leaders who worked har to get india in a good posititon all over the world.So in this unit you don’t need to memorise anything everyhing will be given as stories you can just study and understand it.So we advice you to make use of the materials given above,study well and get your desired job in hand.All the very best for your preparations.if you have any doubts and if you need any materials means you can ask us in comments.

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